4 Reasons Couples Choose Legal Separation Over Divorce

Some couples who no longer wish to be married opt to enter into a separation agreement rather than divorce. While this option may not work for some, it can be more beneficial than divorce for others. Here are 4 reasons why a couple might choose to legally separate instead of divorce.   

1. Preserving Benefits 

Some married couples choose to share health insurance plans, especially if one spouse’s benefits are better than the other’s. A divorce would force the couple to separate their benefits, meaning one spouse would no longer be able to benefit from the other’s insurance coverage.  In addition to health benefits, couples may wish to continue receiving tax or retirement benefits, which requires them to remain married. 

2. Religious Factors 

Some religions either don't recognize divorce or seriously stigmatize it.  If either of these reasons exist, the couple may choose to separate rather than divorce in order to remain in good standing with their religious organization.  

3. Conflict Resolution 

Legal separation allows couples to work on marital issues from a calm space. By taking a break from the marriage, and possibly seeking the help of a therapist or mediator, couples may be able to solve their problems and continue the marriage.  

4. Financial Reasons 

For couples facing financial hardship, separating may help them retain tax or certain employment benefits they can only have while married. For example, perhaps one spouse has a pension and the other does not. Divorcing could force the spouse with the pension to give the other spouse a large share.  

Protecting Your Best Interests 

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