How Health Issues Can Affect a Child Custody Ruling

The smallest thing can influence a court’s decisions on child custody. It is always looking out for the child’s best interests, and almost anything could tilt the balance in favor of either parent.

For instance, the court will consider a parent’s overall health. It may assume that a chronically ill parent is less equipped to handle the children than a healthy one.

Even if you are healthy, the children may not be. They may suffer from their own chronic illnesses, or they may have special needs. The court will look at your ability to meet these needs and make rulings from there.

Here are some examples of how health problems can impact child custody.

Child Custody and Your Health

At the best of times, raising children takes a lot of work. This effort compounds if you are struggling with your health.

For instance, imagine you suffer from chronic pain or fatigue. This limits your ability to simply keep up with the kids. You could be busy resting or nursing your illness while they run amok. It will be harder for you to help with homework or other problems, and overseeing their daily activities could be a chore as well.

Furthermore, chronic illness takes up a lot of your time and money. You spend a lot of time going to and from doctors’ appointments, each of which could take hours. You’re also managing your finances for copay, prescriptions, and so forth. This is less time and money for you to use on the children.

Child Custody and the Child’s Health

Children with unique health needs require a parent who can meet these needs. Parents must have the ability to regularly take their children to and from doctors’ appointments. They must be able to manage prescriptions, educate themselves on the child’s conditions, and advocate for the child against poor treatment.

Furthermore, the parent’s home can have a direct impact on the child’s health. They may need accessible furniture, bathroom facilities, and so on. Perhaps they require various medical supplies that the parent must acquire, secure, and store properly.

Creating a Parenting Plan When Health Issues Are Involved

Health problems are not your fault, whether you have them, or your children do. It’s easy to feel punished when they influence your time with the kids. Remember, however, what is in your child’s best interests, and also consider the fact that the court has two parents to choose from. Your main concern should be that the kids are receiving the best possible care and flourishing in their environment.

If there are health concerns in your family, be ready to make concessions with child custody. You may simply not have the resources to keep them full-time. Work closely with your attorney or moderator. If possible, also work closely with your spouse. Keep your focus on the children and their welfare, and you may be able to create a parenting plan that benefits everyone.

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