8 Important Qualities to Look for in a Divorce Attorney

Going through a divorce can be a difficult time for anyone, especially if there are kids involved. If you want to have a successful separation with the least amount of casualties, you’ll want a good divorce attorney. As you look for one to meet your needs, look for these 8 qualities.

1. The Right Skill Set

The best of divorce attorneys will have the skills necessary to get the job done well. The ideal attorney will will be good with people, a problem solver, able to compromise, and comfortable in court, even if you have no intentions of taking your case to court.

2. Adequate Experience

Ask a potential attorney for records of his/her previous experience with cases similar to yours. Ask for references and make sure that your attorney has enough experience to handle your case.

3. Personability

When you think of lawyers you may not think of someone you can talk to, but it can be an important quality in a good divorce attorney. He/she needs to be able to work peacefully and amicably with you, your spouse, and your kids if applicable.

4. Qualifications

Double check a potential attorney’s qualifications to be sure that you’re getting the best. A good attorney will have his/her certificates on the office wall, but ask anyway to make sure everything is authentic.

5. Strong Ethics

Make sure the attorney has a strong sense of ethics. Your attorney should respect your privacy and be honest with you. You don’t want someone who will fill your head with false promises. Ask for references from others to see what their experiences were like.

6. Cares for Your Family

An ideal divorce attorney will recognize that your children must come first. He/she will care for your family and strive for the least amount of problems and people hurt in the divorce.

7. Keeps You in the Loop

Your goals should take precedence as you go through the divorce. A good lawyer will act as a facilitator for your goals, and not try to run the show without your consent. He/she will keep you informed of everything you need to know and all the happenings with the proceedings.

8. Dedication

In your initial meeting with a potential divorce attorney, try to gauge the lawyer’s dedication to your case. If he/she is easily distracted by phone calls, emails, and other interruptions during your initial meeting, it’s likely that you’ll get the same treatment throughout the proceedings. Look for an attorney that takes the time to understand your goals and makes you feel like you are an intelligent individual.

Don’t take the process of selecting a good divorce attorney lightly. It may be the last thing on your mind when you’re going through a divorce, but it really can make all the difference.