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6 Red Flags that Show You Need a New Divorce Attorney

Your lawyer can be your biggest support when you’re going through a divorce. You put a lot of faith in him/her, and you don’t want to be let down. But even if you did your research thoroughly before hiring an attorney, you might come to realize your lawyer is not as supportive as he/she should be. If you notice any of the following behavior in your divorce attorney, don’t hesitate to hire a new one today.

1. Not Responding

You’ve called several times, but your attorney never seems to be in his office and rarely returns your calls. Furthermore, if your attorney keeps you in the dark about important things and evades your questions, you know there’s a problem. A good divorce lawyer will keep you up-to-date with your case proceedings at all times.

2. Lacking Experience

Unfortunately, not all attorneys are upfront with you about their previous experience, which will become all too clear as your proceedings progress. New information may come to light about your attorney’s falsified certification, and you’ll certainly notice with his/her lack of skill set.

3. Condescending

Your attorney should never talk down to you or make you feel small. If you experience this even one time, don’t take it. Let your attorney know that that is unacceptable behavior, and start searching for a new lawyer right away.

4. Covers Things Up

Some attorneys intentionally keep information from you regarding your case. They may have little faith in your goals, so they cover up information to make your case look better than it is. You need an attorney that will be honest with you and have faith in your cause.

5. Inferior Expertise

You may begin to notice that your lawyer doesn’t match up when compared with the other lawyers in the room. The inferior expertise of your lawyer is an indication of lack of experience and dishonesty.

6. Indifferent

If your case is low on your attorney’s priorities and he/she lets you know it, that’s a major sign of indifference toward your case. Your lawyer may also show a lack of compassion for you and your family, and you end up with a raw deal. Such behavior is unacceptable and you need a change.

If you find yourself stuck with a divorce attorney that sports one or more of these negative signs, give us a call today. We can get you set up with a great divorce attorney who will take care of you.