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5 Warning Signs You May Be Headed for Divorce

Divorce is unpredictable, but signs that a marriage is not working out is not. Some people may equate the end of a marriage with arguments, infidelity, and other unforgivable actions; however, sometimes the signs of divorce are much more subtle. Today, we discuss the 5 warning signs you should look out for that could indicate divorce maybe on the horizon.

Lack of communication

Communication is very important to any relationship. It is how you tell your spouse how you are feeling, what your needs are, and how you would like your partner to treat you. Communicating also fosters a safe environment in a marriage and individuals who are better at communicating often have more compassion in their marriage. While miscommunication will happen in a marriage, it is when you and your spouse no longer wish to work on communicating that this may be a red flag.

Lack of communication could mean that your spouse is hiding something or that he/she just no longer wants to try to make the relationship work.

Physical and/or emotional cheating

Is your spouse spending more time with someone of the opposite sex that you have never met? It is common for an individual to turn to someone else if he/she is not getting what he/she wants from the relationship, whether that is physical or emotional. Additionally, any behavior such as staying up late, spending more time away from the house, or being overprotective of a phone or laptop may indicate your spouse is spending time with someone else.

Language lacks love

How do you and your spouse speak to one another? If your spouse has stopped telling you “I love you” or if you feel like you cannot say those words anymore, then there is a problem. Also, notice if you and your spouse compliment one another and speak nicely to each other. If you both are constantly criticizing each other and being rude, this is concerning.

Thoughts of the future without your spouse

If you or your spouse think what your future would be like without each other, this may be a sign that divorce is looming. If you cannot imagine your future with your spouse in it, then why stay married? It is healthy to sometimes imagine a life without your spouse, but it is not a good sign if this thought comes up constantly and you find yourself resenting your spouse.

Frequent fights that do not get resolved

It is normal for couples to fight. It is not normal for couples to fight constantly without being able to resolve any of their issues. This is a sign that your marriage is not working.

Additionally, if you find yourselves fighting to the point where you have lost all respect for the other person, this is a bad sign. When your arguments lead to full blown fights where you try to hurt one another, this is a problem.

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