Tips for Effective Co-Parenting After Divorce

Divorce is difficult for families to endure and, in the aftermath, it may be challenging for former spouses to cooperate and raise their children as a team. However, you can work together to rebuild your relationship as co-parents and effectively care for your children. We compiled a helpful list of tips that can set you on the right path and put the painful past behind you as you continue to move forward.

Co-Parenting in the Aftermath of a Divorce

Setting aside the hurt feelings you may have after ending your marriage may be one of the biggest obstacles you will face as a newly single parent. To cope with any of the unresolved anger and resentments you may have, it is crucial to find healthy outlets, such as therapy. Finding ways to express and talk about your feelings regarding your divorce will help you avoid venting to your children, which can ultimately be harmful to them and to your co-parenting relationship.

Here are some additional tips for co-parenting after a divorce:

  • Do not ask your children to relay any messages to your co-parent. It is important for you to communicate with your co-parent directly to avoid adding to your children’s stress and anxiety.
  • Find a method of communication that works for you. If phone conversations tend to increase conflict, consider texting or emails.
  • Ask for each other’s opinion on important child-related matters. Remember, co-parenting is a team effort and it is important for you to work together and that includes valuing your co-parent’s opinion.
  • Create a set of household rules to maintain consistency for your children in both homes. They may not necessarily be identical rules, but they should be relatively similar to help create stability for your children.
  • Above all, it is important to learn how to apologize to your co-parent. You may not want to admit when you are wrong, but a genuine apology will go far in rebuilding trust with your former spouse.

Co-parenting after a split may not be easy, but with a genuine willingness to cooperate and compromise with your former spouse, you can continue to serve your children’s best interests.

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