Three Tips for Good Text Communication During Divorce

It is important to develop healthy communication habits during your divorce, especially if you have a co-parent. Learning to communicate in ways that don’t lead to arguments can save you time and money and can eventually lead to a productive co-parenting arrangement. Spouses going through a divorce generally prefer text messaging instead of calling each other on the phone because it is more convenient and attorneys often recommend using written communication that you can keep track of. The following tips can help you communicate conveniently with your ex-spouse via text message.

Tip #1: Never Text While You’re Angry

If you find you are angry or in a heightened state of emotion, you should take a step back before you start responding or sending any texts. What you say in a moment of anger can have a permanent effect, so try to hold your tongue if you feel a dispute will likely result from an extreme response via text. Remember that your goal is to have smooth, non-confrontational communication. Avoid sending text messages that might seem hostile because it will likely cause more of an argument.

Tip #2: Be Precise with What You Say

People sometimes struggle with determining if the tone of a text message was supposed to be friendly or uninviting. Try to be brief and clear when texting. If you tend to use shorter messages, remain consistent with that. If you tend to write longer text messages, make sure you aren’t beating around the bush.

Tip #3: Proofread Before Sending

We all rely on auto-correct and auto-generate to craft text messages. However, these helpful tools can also make you look foolish if you don’t proofread your text before sending it to your ex. Errors can dramatically change the meaning of your message and cause a major miscommunication that can impact your interactions in the future, to avoid this fiasco, take a few seconds to closely review your message before you tap send.

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