When Can I Stop Paying Child Support in UT?

When parents get divorced in Utah, the noncustodial parent is responsible for paying the custodial parent child support in order to care for and support their children. However, these monthly payments can cause financial stress, which is why many paying parents wonder when does child support stops. 

In Utah, child support payments end when a child turns 18 years of age or graduates high school – whichever happens later. Furthermore, noncustodial parents may stop paying child support before a child turns 18 years old or graduates high school if the child gets married, joins the military, becomes emancipated, or passes away. 

However, parents may agree to continue paying child support until after the child graduates college. When it comes to parents of children with special needs, they may continue to pay child support after the child becomes an adult because he/she is unable to financially support himself/herself. 

When a child turns 18 or graduates high school, child support does not automatically stop. The paying parent must file an Affidavit for Termination of Child Support with the county court he/she filed the original order in. 

If a parent is having trouble keeping up with child support payments, especially if he/she has experienced a significant change in circumstances (e.g., job loss, demotion, or suffered an injury that resulted in costly medical expenses). Whether a parent wishes to modify or terminate child support payments, it is wise to hire an experienced family law attorney to help get the best possible outcome in court. 

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