How to Improve Your Relationship with Your Co-Parent

If you recently divorced your spouse and share children, you must continue working together to raise and care for them. In the aftermath of a divorce, however, this might seem like an impossible task, especially if the process was particularly nasty and contentious. With enough effort, patience, and cooperation, you can both learn how to effectively co-parent your children. We put together a list of tips that will help you improve your relationship, so you can move forward and work as a team.

Rebuilding Trust with Your Former Spouse

Although repairing trust with your ex might sound like a tall order, it is a key element in a successful co-parenting relationship. You might never be friends, but you should at least learn to trust each other as parents and focus your efforts on meeting the needs of your children. Otherwise, you will always find yourselves bickering over the same unresolved issues, which will not benefit your children.

Here are some tips on how to improve your co-parenting relationship and reduce conflict:

  1. Throughout your marriage, there were probably a lot of broken promises on both ends. You cannot change the past, but moving forward, keep the promises you make regarding your children. Not only will this help you build trust with your co-parent, but your children will feel like they can rely and count on you.
  1. Consistency makes people feel safe, so try to exhibit consistent behavior with your ex-spouse and your children. For example, be polite to your co-parent at all times, even when you disagree on an issue. It will help you achieve a resolution faster and build trust.
  1. Life will not always go as planned, but you must make an effort to be considerate of each other’s time and schedule. In some cases, that might mean showing some flexibility. It might not be easy to make these sacrifices, but your children will ultimately benefit from it.
  1. You must both work on becoming effective listeners. Listening to your former spouse does not mean you must agree on every issue. Instead, listening is about making an effort to understand your co-parent’s message, which will allow you to respond more appropriately.
  1. Apologizing is rarely easy, especially if the person you are apologizing to is your ex-spouse. However, it is crucial for both parties to learn how to apologize. An apology is a powerful gesture and, in some cases, it is all either party needs to move on.

With these five simple tips, you can begin repairing trust with your ex-spouse, so you can successfully co-parent your children as a team.

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