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Updating Your Home Following a Divorce

With divorce also comes the dividing of assets, including property. And whether it has been decided that you will be staying in the marital residence, or you are starting out again in a new home of your own, you will likely be putting some thought into how this new space of yours can be better suited to this new stage in life. This is especially important if you are experiencing post-divorce sadness or despondency. While of course how you update your home following a divorce is entirely up to you, here are some suggestions to updating your home in a way that will help you to enjoy better quality of life in the months following a divorce.

A New Bed

Making your bed a comfortable space just for you might just be crucial to helping you get restful sleep at night. Whether this means investing in a completely new bed frame and mattress, or simply changing out older sheets and pillows for new ones, creating a new resting space of your own is an especially great way to help cope with post-divorce sadness.

Wall Artwork

It is likely that wall artwork is something that you and your former spouse decided on together, and some items on your walls may even hold personal meaning to your former marriage. Consider replacing old photos and artwork with new photos and pieces that better represent where you are in life.

Holiday Decorations

As was mentioned in our post about surviving the holidays after a divorce, holidays, especially those that come at the end of the year, can be a painful reminder of the losses and inconveniences that have settled into your family dynamic following a divorce. Holidays throughout the year might even remind you of past family traditions you once enjoyed. This means that festive decorations are a particularly important type of home decor to consider updating in your home. New holiday decor can help you to create new traditions within your new family dynamic.

Replace Wedding Gifts

Now would be a great time to consider donating or selling the kitchen utensils and home furnishings you received as wedding gifts and replacing them with new items of your own—if nothing else, to help dissociate reminders of your previous marriage with the items you use on a daily basis.

Fill Open Spaces

Your divorce will likely leave you with open spaces in your home, or with fewer things to fill a new home. It’s important to fill open spaces in a home, be they empty rooms or blank spaces on a wall, so that you can once again feel at home while you’re, well, at home. You can do this with new purchases, of course, but if you’re on a budget, consider how you might be able to reorganize your current possessions to better fill spaces throughout the home.