What Doesn’t Qualify for Workers’ Compensation

It can be difficult to navigate the world of workers’ compensation, especially if this is your first work-sustained injury and you have not yet received assistance from a qualified attorney. While many work-related injuries do qualify employees for workers’ compensation benefits, there are circumstances in which these benefits can be denied by employers. Here are some of the most common situations in which an injury incurred would generally not qualify for workers’ compensation.

Travel to and from work

Injuries incurred during the commute to or from your job’s typical location generally do not fall qualify for workers’ compensation. Some commute-related injuries, however may count. If you are injured traveling to or from a business meeting, going to or from work-related education, running an errand, or making a delivery, your injury could qualify.

Non-work activities on business trips

Injuries that occur during work-related business travel can qualify for compensation, but not if they occur during sightseeing or other non-work related activities.

Working as a non-employee

One of the main qualifications for receiving workers’ compensation is being employed by a company that has (or is supposed to have) workers’ compensation. If you are not technically employed by a company, chances are your injury won’t qualify. This may sound straightforward, but there are circumstances when someone might be doing work for a company while not being technically employed by that company. Independent contractors, freelancers, and consultants all fall into this category. The line between employee and independent contractor can be difficult to define, but generally it depends on how independent a worker is from a company and how much worker that person does with that company. If you feel that you are technically an employee but are being denied workers’ compensation benefits on the grounds that you are an independent contractor, contact a workers’ compensation attorney.


Injuries incurred during the lunch hour or during travel to and from lunch typically don’t qualify for workers’ compensation.

If you have recently sustained an injury at or around the workplace and are unsure as to whether or not your injury qualifies you to receive benefits, be sure to contact a qualified workers’ compensation lawyer today. For those in the state of Utah, Nelson, Taylor & Associates specializes in workers’ compensation, among other fields, and we are highly familiar with Utah legislation relating to workers’ compensation. Contact us for a free consultation regarding your rights to benefits and compensation for your injuries.