signing divorce documents

Getting Divorced? Here’s What Not to Do

You have probably heard some type of divorce advice on what to do during a divorce from a friend, relative, or magazine/news source you like to read. But what about what you should not do? There are plenty of steps you could take to make life a lot more difficult for yourself during and after your divorce. Today, we review what these are and how to avoid them.

Do Not Engage in Dirty Divorce Tactics While Going Through a Divorce

By dirty divorce tactics we mean, do not attempt one of the following:

  • Post negative social media posts or photographs of your spouse
  • Attempt to turn your children against your spouse
  • Move out of state with the children
  • File a false accusation of child abuse
  • Cancel your credit cards
  • Withhold money
  • Clean out your joint bank accounts
  • Use your children to hide assets

Do Not Put Your Children in the Middle of Conflicts During a Divorce

This is for the betterment of your children’s future. Kids do not do well with a high level of conflict on an ongoing basis. To have a bright future, avoid putting your kids in between you and your spouse. Kids who have less conflict in their lives are more likely to lead happier, more wholesome lives. They also have lower rates of suicide, depression, divorce, and drug abuse.

Do Not Be Afraid of Being Financially Independent While Navigating a Divorce

Sure, it may take some time to get used to being financially independent, but it is also so rewarding. Even if you have no idea how your spouse handled the finances, you can still easily learn about your financial situation. You can hire a financial advisor, take an online finance course, ask your bank for help, or, as we are in the age of information, Google a topic you want to learn more about. Remember, after you are divorced, you will be financially responsible for your own life.

Do Not Sign Anything Without Your Lawyer

If your spouse serves you divorce papers, take them without signing them. You will need to speak to your lawyer about the proposed agreement before you sign anything. You are also not required to sign the first agreement you create with your spouse. You can wait until you are less emotional before doing so.

If you are planning on getting divorced and want to avoid the divorce do-nots, contact our experienced divorce attorneys in Salt Lake City online or by calling (801) 901-7046 to schedule an appointment today.