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Rebuilding Your Social Circle after Divorce pt. 1

Going through a divorce can drastically alter many different aspects of your life. Not only are you separating from a person whom you have, at least somewhat, built your entire life around, but many other personal relationships in your life might be complicated by your separation. If you are not careful, this could descend into a rather lonely part of existence. But it doesn’t have to! If there is a time to not be alone in your life, right after experiencing a divorce is one of them. For this reason, it is important to get yourself out there and begin to piece back together your social circle. While this might be a nerve-wracking task, it is definitely a necessary one. Here’s some tips for rebuilding your social circle after divorce…

Existing friends

The first thing that must be done is getting in touch with all of your existing friends. Some of these relationships might not be what they once were, depending on the social dynamic of your divorce. However, getting to know who is still truly your friend after such a tumultuous period is a very important and enlightening experience. Don’t be discouraged if you have lost any friends in the thick of yours and your spouse’s separation. Knowing who really cares about you can help you make better choices about friendships in the future.

Rekindle old friendships

The next thing to do is take a trip down memory lane to see if there are any friendships that you accidentally left by the wayside during your marriage. These friendships may not have ended badly, but just faded away as life moved on. However, just as much as friendships can vanish, they can also reappear even more vibrantly than before. Now is a great time to rekindle some of these old friendships and catch up with people who once met so much to you. As you’ve both grown as people over the past while,

Find passions/hobbies

Friends don’t just materialize into thin air or pop up out of the ground. Friendships blossom when people have similar interests that bring them together. For this reason, it’s good to take this new time of your life to explore new interests that you’ve always been meaning to take up. This will put you in contact with other people that will probably get along with. In any point in your life, this is one of the easiest ways to make meaningful friendships, but it is especially an important and valuable way to make friends after a divorce.